We develop and manufacture innovative solutions for you.


We develop solutions with our customers for products of the future.

The experience we have gained from our long-standing collaborative and intensive

development work has resulted in innovative products.


Construction and development are given an extremely high priority in our company.

From our own laboratory we also collaborate with other renowned institutes.


Our products are manufactured on state-of-the-art injection molding, extrusion and molded foam systems.

Electrical circuit boards are processed using fully automatic soldering systems.


Assembly processes, tailored to the volumes required, round off our range of products. Upon the request of the customer, we can manufacture several of our products with exclusive rights of use for limited periods.


We don’t just do development and production!

Logistics is also one of our major services.

Upon request we can also provide storage and deliver „Just-in-Time“.

Made in Germany


Quality by air-lab

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